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We ❤️ our clients, and They ❤️ working with us.

We get super excited about the feedback from our clients.

We frequently hear how much they ❤️ our concierge-style services.  We’ve worked with a broad scope of clients, from local business owners, investors, and builders to first-time homebuyers, military relocation, and second homes.  We cherish these client testimonials, and we’re proud to share these personal stories. Without them, there would be no us!

This is a compilation of testimonials, reviews, and endorsements shared from Google My Business, Yelp, Zillow, and  Many of our clients, including the builders, are more than willing to speak with you directly about their experience.

Chris and Michelle were the best realtors in assisting my husband and I sell and buy our new home. They made themselves readily available day or night to answer questions or concerns we had and always responded in a timely manner. They never allowed us to settle for anything other than finding the home we both loved. Our house that we sold was under contract in less than 48 hours due to their amazing marketing strategy. They supported us 100% throughout the whole process. Chris and Michelle have wonderful ideas and are truly a great team. – Mallory Bouchard
Thank you so much Mallory! You and Sean worked so hard to prepare your home for sale, so you can take some of that credit for a quick sale ❤️ We are so happy you love your new place. As we said from day one, we aren’t here to “sell you” a home. It has to feel right, or nothing else matters. Thank you again!

Michelle and Chris were the perfect realtors! Our house was on the market for a mere 8 hours before someone snapped it up sight unseen, thanks to their spectacular marketing skills and attention to detail and the amazing team they have surrounded themselves with. They were recommended to us by friends and we could not be more happy or thankful for that recommendation. We needed to make a pretty quick move from Connecticut to Florida and they took all of the stress out of selling our home. We were able to focus our attention on moving, taking care of our children and enjoying our last few months in our beloved home before moving away. They were always readily available, quick to anticipate every possible need, and somehow made the whole process seem completely effortless. We could not recommend them more highly. – Jane de Lartigue
Thank you so much, Jane. It was such a pleasure working with you and Will. There are a lot of “pieces” that go into listing, selling, and closing a home and we realize that we cannot have a smooth process without the help of a few fantastic partners along the way. Thank you for trusting in all of us to help get you and your beautiful family to the sunshine state! 

In my building, development and real estate business, it is not often that you find a Realtor Team that I would recommend. I have known Michelle and Chris Richard for 10 years in this business. The attention to detail, professionalism, and honesty is fantastic to work with. I never have any hesitation in conferring my ideas or theirs in the selling and marketing of my products. When I call on them, I know the idea has been researched and well thought out before presenting it to me. They are always thinking of the client which is the way to be successful in this business, never just looking for the deal at hand but to make a lasting relationship. – Ron Smith – owner of Ron Smith Homes

Chris & Michelle of Almost Home are incredible. As young business owners, we knew we needed guidance in the purchase of our first home, and we had a LOT of options in local well-respected realtors, and it was a single line from Michelle that told us we were in the best hands possible, “We aren’t in the business of sales. We are matchmakers.” This single statement sums up the entire experience working with this awesome couple. They heard our needs, our wants, and most importantly understood our financial constraints. With our budget we were limited in inventory but they assured us the right home would come along, and when it did they coached us on what to say on the walkthrough and what not to say, what to look for under carpets and in foundations, what questions to ask and how far we could push negotiations. Chris has a wealth of knowledge about home repairs and modifications and Michelle is a stellar negotiator and communicator and together they make a powerful team. We LOVE our new home, and honestly can’t believe they helped us negotiate almost $40,000 off the asking price. They exceeded our expectations and even still, a year later, check in with us to see how we are doing in our new residence. If you’re searching for a realtor, you can stop now, because Chris & Michelle are amazing!!! – The 401 Studio Print Shop
Thank you, thank you! Of course, we still check in, we told you we weren’t going away once you closed =) Chris and I are psyched that you love your perfect-for-you home. It’s so hard to describe (or believe) the “you’ll know it when you feel it” mentality until you actually experience it. This is why we are very much about anti-sales. That’s not how this works…it’s really all about the feeling. Once you have that, we simply do everything in our power to make it happen. Thank you for trusting us, especially with all the mutual connections in our area that you could have chosen. We truly appreciate having had the opportunity to help you and I love seeing the progress on your house!

The power couple behind Almost Home Real Estate Services, Michelle and Chris Richard, made our dream of owning a home in South County a reality in record time and with no stress. They were with us every step of the way, connecting us with the most efficient, professional team of people needed to make our dream a reality, to include the lender, home inspector, and closing attorney. Their combined knowledge and attention to detail made this whole process so simple and stress-free. They helped me go from “Offer Accepted” to “Clear to Close” in just over three weeks, keeping me informed throughout the whole process. When we first started our search, they took the time to get to know what we were looking for, what we could afford, and what was important to us (commute, number of bedrooms, etc) and throughout the process, continuously showed that they were committed to making sure we were happy. Their dedication, drive, and commitment to excellence made this whole experience so smooth. It is clear that this team is very passionate about helping their clients find their perfect home. To them, it’s not just about closing the deal. It’s about finding you the perfect match and making everything come together in perfect harmony. I strongly recommend Almost Home Real Estate Services. This team is amazing!!! They even helped with our Housewarming party! Talk about seeing something all the way through! – Nikki Brouillette 
Thank you! We are so happy that you felt stress-free during a time many feel is exactly opposite. It doesn’t have to be. We take pride in the professionals we work with so I am elated to hear they all took excellent care of you as well. As far as your house warming party, well that was absolutely our pleasure. It’s the least we could do to welcome you into our neck of the woods and say THANK YOU for your service.

Michelle and Chris at Almost Home Real Estate Services are the best. They sold our house in RI within the exact range they said they would and best of all, we had a full price offer in just 2 days. Their service went far beyond the sale of our house. They helped us find a home for our hot tub which was not included in the sale and took care of too many last minute details for me to mention here. There is nobody better in the business than Michelle and Chris! – Munson Lane
It was absolutely our pleasure to help get you both seamlessly into retirement. Two of our specialties are helping veterans and active military as well as relocation to warmer climates. You both were very well prepared and organized. Thank you for trusting us to help you with such a major milestone. Most importantly, thank you for your service. Enjoy those palm trees!

Having bought and sold 6 homes over the years I’ve had my share of experiences with realtors, some good, some bad. I can say without a doubt that Chris & Michelle Richard and their team at Almost Home Realty are heads above the rest. Their marketing and expertise are top notch, their experience and attention to detail makes them the best choice to guide you through the process of selling your most valuable asset. Thank you, Chris & Michelle, for always being available and for walking us through what can be an overwhelming process, you made it quick and easy. – Tracy Rennspiess
Thank you so much, Tracy and Arnie. We take pride in our aggressive marketing, but that is what you deserve! Like I said, you made our job easy. Your house was always perfect and you were very prompt and thorough. Chris and I are super happy, although slightly jealous, to have been able to help you move to warmer climates to enjoy retirement.

I can’t even begin to articulate in words how magical Chris and Michelle are. The level of customer service they provide is unparalleled. They shoveled my driveway for a showing, took care of issues caused by the buyer’s agent 1 year after I sold my house and bent over backward to work around my busy schedule. My house had been on the market for 6 months with a previous real estate agent and hadn’t gotten a single offer. It took them 30 days, from the point at which I reached out to them, until closing. I can’t recommend them strongly enough. – Merry Pearlman
Thank you very much for sharing. We specialize in homes that were previously listed but haven’t sold. Aggressive marketing works! Like we said before, we don’t go away when you close on a home…whether it’s a sale or a purchase. We are here to help for life, and we look forward to helping you in the future.

Top notch professionalism! Effort, response time, and knowledge exceed others I have worked with. If you are checking around before you reach out to them, you have my recommendation. – Colin Donahue
Thank you for the review! Our original response got deleted… It was a pleasure to help you through the process to get such a great deal. We look forward to your remodel and seeing the final product full of equity!

Michelle and Chris are such an amazing team in so many ways. Between the two of them, they have so much knowledge and passion that comes with them. Every question, concern, or idea I had was responded without haste and answered with a profound amount of educated and well-explain answers. I had very limited knowledge in the realm of real estate and the mortgage process and they help me tremendously. Michelle and Chris were able to help me figure out a reasonable budget, that of which I can comfortably afford. Being such a powerful couple, Michelle and Chris were able to connect me with their trusted team (Loan Officer, Attorney, etc). Without the efficiencies that they put forth, I do not know that I would have been able to go through with the purchase of my first home. They present you with a plethora of relevant information, help keep you organized, and looped in on all important correspondence. I will continue to use them in my future transactions and refer anyone looking for a duo of true professionals. – Brandon Schofield
Helping you get into your first home was very rewarding for us as well. This is why we do what we do. You’re entering the beginning of amassing a great financial endeavor to grow your own personal wealth. This is the start. More to come. More equity to grow in your pocket, and we look forward to many years of continued asset growth! Thank you again for trusting in us.

Chris and Michelle are an absolutely amazing power team. After toying with the idea of selling our first home, my husband and I reached out to them for guidance. I should have known, with Michelle’s responsiveness, what working with them would be like. They came over within days and helped up get our home ready to be placed on the market. They gave very simple suggestions, as they knew how busy life can be with young children. Chris and Michelle have built an empire, and it is because of their high-quality team and the resources they use. The professional photographs and video tour of our home were amazing. They captured its highlights and featured it beautifully. Within hours of posting, Chris and Michelle had booked over 10 showings BEFORE the open house. Michelle scheduled the showings so that my husband and I would need to take our two children and two dogs out of the house as little as possible. Our house sold within a week, we had 15 offers and received $20,000 over our asking price. This was due to their constant hustle, dedication to their clients and ability to market a house. Chris and Michelle also found our new house for us. They guided us through the process and we not only had a smooth sell of our own home, but an equally smooth purchase. The mortgage banker who they put us in contact with, who was also fantastic, came to our house after our children were in bed to do all of the paperwork so that we did not need to be inconvenienced. I could not say enough positive things about Chris and Michelle. They were always available and willing to answer any questions (in seconds) that we had. There are not many people in the world like them, and my family and I are so grateful for the guidance, support, and excitement they provided through the incredible (and incredibly easy!) journey of selling our old and buying our new home. You know you love your realtor when, after buying your home, you miss their daily texts. – Lauren Bonetti 

Thank you, Lauren! Our original reply was reset on our google account… You and Justin were great to work with. This review actually brought tears to Michelle’s eyes. Buying and selling a home is such a big step in someone’s life and you trusted in us for both. We gave you an action plan to get you TOP $$ for your home and you excelled at preparing it for the market. You kept up with our pace of showings and questions for clients and as a result SOLD for so much more than asking price. We look forward to seeing how your new place is coming along. The family has a great place for new memories!

The purchase of your home is one of the biggest decisions of your life. Chris and Michelle have your best interest in everything they do. If you need something they will get it done. I have not only purchased my current home from them, but I have also recommended multiple people to them (which they have the same experience as I), and I will purchase my forever home with them. Despite having family in real estate, Chris, Michelle, and their entire team are my number 1! There is just no comparison if you want the best this should be your first and only stop. – Kristen Macedo
Our goal is to get you the home that gives you the “warm fuzzies” for the best price. It was a pleasure helping you get into a home that your family can grow in a position that the home value could only increase above and beyond (for many years) beyond the purchase price. It’s a big step, (can be stressful), and we thank you from the bottom of our heart for trusting in us to help you with such a big part of your life. I wish you and your family many awesome years in your home with years of equity growth!!!

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Speechless? We get that often 😉 Thank you for the review.

Chris and Michelle are the best and easiest people to work with! Extremely knowledgeable and willing to walk you through every step of the way. They always have your best interest at heart down to every little detail. They helped us over the past few years to find the perfect home and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for finally bringing us home! – Marco’s Tattoo
The first is always the hardest. The questions, concerns, and stress about the unknown, yet we were able to answer and guide along the way to find the ideal house for you and your family. Thank you for trusting in us over the years to guide you and get you the best deal. Equity day 1, and more to come. Congratulations on your purchase.

Chris & Michelle Richard are THE BEST! I myself am a business owner and have pretty high standards and expectations when it comes to knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness. I met my match with Chris and Michelle! They are some of the hardest working and kindest people I have ever met.   And, they know what they are talking about!! They truly have your back and will be honest about what is best for you and your family. If you are in the market to buy or sell, contact Chris and Michelle! Buying and/or selling a home is extremely stressful and time-consuming, hiring Chris and Michelle will be one of the best decisions you ever make. – brandi8173
Thank you! We thrive on high expectations =) Working with you & Charlie was wonderful. Thank you so much for trusting us to get you to your new home AND sell your perfectly staged home after having such a bad experience. You both made our jobs easy!

We were put in contact with Chris and Michelle through our realtor in Charleston to help us find our new home in Connecticut as part of a military relocation. I am so glad! They helped us find our home without setting foot in the state and its perfect for us, a home we can make our own and grow into. They are extremely responsive and we never had any issues getting in touch with them if we had questions, etc… They make a wonderful team and are truly masters in their industry. I wouldn’t work with anyone else in the area should we decide to buy another home here in the future. I really cannot speak highly enough of them both. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Brittneyaline
Thank you both! We are glad we were able to skype from hundreds of miles to walk through “with” you. We both understand the restrictions that come from being a military family. Those moves can be tough! We look forward to seeing the amazing things you do with this house to make it your own!

My wife and I have been very pleasantly surprised with how quickly and effectively Chris and Michelle were able and willing to help us. We were in a bit of a rough spot and needed to get into a house asap and they have busted their backs to get us in as soon as humanly possible. They have never once ignored a question or made me feel like my questions were illogical although I am sure some of them have been. I can not recommend them enough if you are looking to get a house don’t hesitate to call or email them. You won’t regret it!!! – zuser20160706092614663
Your kind words are so thoughtful =) Once again, I’d like to turn the tables & say THANK YOU for your service. It is our pleasure to be able to help you after all you’ve done & sacrificed. We are both super thankful that you gave us the opportunity to help find you & your beautiful family a home to call your own where you can have your perfect farm.

After not being able to sell our home a year ago, we contacted Chris & Michelle in part due to Michelle’s tenacity–we got several mailing from her offering their service. When you want someone to sell your home, you want someone who is extremely persistent and that is what we got w/ Chris &  Michelle. What we also liked about “Team Richard” is the fact that they embrace technology, which is a must in a world where so much of the real estate process takes place online. Chris and Michelle were fantastic partners and we had a very successful experience working w/ them. –  barwikow
Thank you! We appreciate you taking the time to share, and you certainly DID make us work to earn your business =) I’m glad you gave us the chance & even more pleased that Chris & I were able to find a new family to love your home as much as you did. Thank you so much for trusting in us!

Michelle has been vigorously working with my family and I on purchasing a new home. She has been very upfront since the beginning and because my family and I aren’t the easiest people to deal with its been very nice to have her constant help. We email her questions and comments almost everyday and she gets back to me with clear and concise answers that same day. Her knowledge of the market is unquestionable and I can tell she is clearing working her hardest to get us into an affordable home that’s right for us. Her work ethic and professionalism are top notch. We appreciate all the hard work she has put in and keeps putting in. If you are looking for an honest, hardworking, knowledgeable agent who puts you first, Michelle Richard is the agent you are looking for! – andrew.harnick

Recently relocated to RI and went through Michelle to find our rental. From start to finish had a great experience working with her. She was respectful of our budget and did not try to show us any properties out of our price range. The property she found for us was heads and shoulders above the others we saw with other agents in the area. Great experience with Michelle, will return to her with any future relocation! –  sarawigginton 

If you are looking for professionalism, timeliness, and someone with an eye for detail, and plenty of professional contacts to make your purchase virtually carefree, you would be looking for Michelle Richard. She was patient, heard our concerns, and coordinated with us even when we were far away.  She comes highly recommended by my family and if you are military….her knowledge and assistance will be invaluable to you as you transition. – ebony 102

We recently purchased a home in Westerly with Chris and Michelle as our agents and cannot imagine having a more positive buying experience! As out-of-state buyers, we could have easily have found the whole situation to be very intimidating and difficult, but with Chris and Michelle’s knowledge,  experience and extremely engaging attitudes it was quite the opposite! They guided us through every little detail and anticipated many things that we had not thought about ourselves. They have provided us with a number of services that we would not normally expect to receive from a buying agent. They have been the consummate partners, and as a result of their efforts, we were able to purchase a lovely home in a great neighborhood at a very fair price. Couldn’t be happier! – jbhale1

Impressive. Michelle and Chris sold my house in less than 2 weeks – and it had been for sale with another realtor for 6 months. Few people during the first realtor’s time knew the house was for sale. Chris and Michelle spent much time photographing and marketing the house with website(s)  and so much more. They had the first open house within a few days of my signing with them and many folks went to that. And then they had another the following weekend and it was well attended. They are different in that they are incredible marketers and communicators. I always knew what was going on. I was made to feel very comfortable. They understood it was my parents’ house which had strings to my heart. They empathized without being maudlin. In addition, they found buyers who would respect the house – which was important to me. I would use them again and highly recommend them to anyone. They work for their money. I applaud that. –  toorobert

This was our third six-month contract. Not one solid offer in twelves months with first two agents. The Richard Team had the sale done with the first open house, second Sunday after listing! With Chris’s photography and marketing expertise and Michelle’s superb knowledge of the current banking mandates, we felt like lottery winners! Thank you! – nova8063

The Richard Team was absolutely amazing! I highly recommend them! We first listed with a local agent who was supposedly a “top seller” and after close to a year of maybe 4 showings, and barely any communication or feedback from the agent, we decided to find another agent. Chris and Michelle were recommended to us and from the start, they were so incredibly knowledgeable and professional. They went out of their way to make sure our listing was perfect. They created floor plans, maps, and the professional photos blew us away (considering our previous agent just snapped some I Phone pics). After listing we immediately started receiving showing requests, which Chris and Michelle were present for! We received feedback within the same day and within 3 months and countless showings, we had an offer which was right within where we wanted to be! My only regret is that I did not find the Richard team sooner! They are amazing people, with amazing work ethic and impeccable attention to detail! My husband and I could not recommend them more! – shaynacimarelli
Daniello & Shayna, Thank you so much for giving us the chance…for not giving up! Selling your home can be stressful (especially when we make you move furniture!). I am pleased that even though it took longer than you (originally) planned, we were not only able to sell your home, we were able to find exactly the right people who would love it as much as you did. You have a beautiful family and we both look forward to seeing your amazing decorating skills at work in your new place. Thank you!

They were absolutely amazing!! They have the most unbelievable patience. They helped us search for a little less than two years and we’re always very responsive when we had questions, and when we sent them houses (because I’m impatient and was overly excited most of them she had weeded out for me already because they didn’t fit and was saving me the trouble). They are very knowledgable and know what they are doing! I would recommend them to everyone, especially because they make me laugh it makes the shopping process much easier! I can’t thank them enough. – t3e422
Can you believe it was 2 years!? We should be thanking YOU for not giving up! You trusted us when we kept telling you that the right one would come along. Be patient. When the time was right, you would know. We are so happy to have been able to help you both find a home for your family <3

Chris and Michelle are a one of a kind team that worked tirelessly to help us find our perfect home. In a very short amount of time, we went from the open house looking to closing on our first home. They were honest, always there to answer questions no matter how many we had, and never once made us feel pressured to buy something that wasn’t right. They helped us smoothly through any hiccups along the way and we’re always on by our side to make sure we were getting a fair, honest, deal! We are so thankful for them and would send my highest recommendation of the work they do! – Rebecca Kurian

Chris and Michelle are the best and easiest people to work with! Extremely knowledgeable and willing to walk you through every step of the way. They always have your best interest at heart down to every little detail. They helped us over the past few years to find the perfect home and we couldn’t be happier. Thank you for finally bringing us home! – Jess Swisher

A very trusted friend worked with Chris and Michelle and strongly recommended them for their knowledge, relationships, and how well they truly listened to her needs and limitations. This was our first home buying experience, and we were approaching it from 900 miles away, so I assure you that complete trust was the ultimate foundation! They truly understood the vision we had for our life in Rhode Island. Not once did I feel I was looking at a home that didn’t fit the bill, and they used each virtual tour as a way to explain any shortfalls the home may have, and how to turn it into a positive. They gave us room to drag our feet, and when appropriate, they told us when to act quickly. Their comprehension of the RI market and how to approach it is beyond compare. If I can sum it all up, it’s this- we bought our first home without ever even seeing it in person- and I wouldn’t change a thing about the process. Chris and Michelle helped bring us back to Rhode Island to raise our boys in a home of our own! They are the BEST. – Stephanie C

I have the pleasure of working with Michelle on a weekly basis in a Realtor/Banker networking situation. Michelle is a knowledgeable, experienced and personable professional that I am proud to be working with. – Doug Mittelsteadt

Working hand in hand to handle home buyers and sellers was a pleasure. She is very professional and goes above and beyond in everything she does and she is always a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge and attention to detail are unmarked by any other professional I have worked with. – Tony Vieira

Michelle was a great help when we bought our beach home. She was knowledgeable about the area and was very attentive to our needs. – Liam Glynn

My wife and I have bought or sold over a half dozen properties over the past 30 years and can without reservation give our highest recommendation to Chris and Michelle Richard by saying we’d partner with them again in a heartbeat. I say, partner, because, from our first contact, they took an active interest in every step of the process. As out of state buyers, we probably needed more help than usual and they were always up to the task. From helping to narrow the list of properties to digging up whatever information or town ordinances that were requested, helping find trusted inspectors, tradesmen, and insurance agents, and working with us to negotiate a fair price, Chris and Michelle were just a phone call or email away. Their responses were always quick, professional, and they never left us hanging. We consider them our “concierge realtors” as they have the resources, knowledge, and experience to help smooth the pathway to home ownership. If my recommendation has convinced you to use the Richard Team, then I’ve “paid it forward” for the great services they’ve provided to us. Happy house hunting!  – Russ Robitaile

Chris and Michelle are hard-working, honest, straight-forward and possess unmatched integrity. Over the years, I have come across, been contacted by and seen in action many real estate agents. At best, they were perhaps well-intentioned, but uneducated in their profession. At worst, they were incompetent, dishonest, lazy and showed a clear lack of knowledge in their field. I could go on, but I would rather address my experience with Chris and Michelle. I first met them when I had been burned by one of the above- mentioned agents and had decided to put the house on the market myself. Chris and Michelle asked for an appointment to see the house. I agreed but was expecting the usual song and dance about how well they could market my house for me. Quite the opposite, they explained they were there to see the house for any potential clients, asked what I was doing to advertise the house, offered great suggestions – and then left. Wow! Over the next year, I would get an occasional email asking if I needed advice or if they could help in any way – never asking for the listing. I did receive an offer (from a real estate agent no less), that I agreed to accept (knowing the deal was shaky, but it was winter, what-the-heck). When the buyer started to drag me along and it was obvious they couldn’t get financing, I called Chris and Michelle saying “I’m done dealing with buyers, please come take this listing.” Chris and Michelle jumped into action right away with professional photos, videos, and pertinent information about the area. One of the first open houses was a rainy day – Chris ran to the hardware store and bought a mat so people could wipe their feet. Really? No one does that kind of service anymore! It was a small gesture but said a lot to me about their level of commitment and their willingness to go the extra mile (literally, to the store:)) Over time, they picked up a few other items for the house to take care of some minor issues. Chris and Michelle were never condescending and they were always straightforward in communications. I knew what was going on, what the traffic was for my listing and where the market was at every step of the way. When the house finally sold – thanks in large part to the efforts of Chris and Michelle, they were professionals down to the last minute. I have to say it pained me to see the buyers’ agent getting such a huge chunk of the proceeds for doing what I saw as a pretty poor job on their end – but, hey, life isn’t fair. I flat out don’t like real estate agents but I would recommend Chris and Michelle to ANYONE who is looking for honesty, integrity and hard work. – Kelly Milan

Les & I are blown away by the “like-no-other” listing formulated by Michele & Chris. The enthusiasm and creative vision that The Richard Team put into listing our home is on par with Celine Dion’s showcase listing in FL. This is our third home sale. Never have I seen such an ad locally, Thanks, Jim – Jim Sminkey

We are so impressed with this dynamic duo! My husband was being re-stationed from Seattle to New Haven, CT and we needed to buy a new home in a weekend! I searched and searched for a realtor, only to be very disappointed UNTIL a friend recommended Chris and Michelle. What a blessing! With only two weeks to spare, Michelle and Chris reviewed all the potential properties, made appointments and agreed to spend three days looking at over 30 properties. After three days I found the house that is now home to our family of six. It wasn’t without obstacles along the way… difficult selling agents, VA appraisal requirements that the team (literally) helped to fix as well as connecting us to an incredible mortgage financing agent who locked us in at an awesome rate! Michelle and Chris are the ultimate real estate team! They have the expertise, energy, and demeanor that is perfect for this business. I never felt pressured to buy any home and they were there to answer any questions. I highly recommend them to all prospective buyers and sellers, especially those interested in a military relocation specialist. I will certainly be using them to sell our home when we are re-stationed in the distant future. – Brandy Curtis Richards

Chris and Michelle are much more than just realtors! They went above and beyond to make sure that everything worked out. – Matt Richards

Michelle and Chris are amazing, I HIGHLY recommend them, they truly do it all and make selling your house as painless as humanly possible. The level of attention that they give your listing is amazing and they make you feel like you are their most important client. They are true professionals who invest in your interest and do whatever they can to make you happy! No matter what challenges we faced they always had a solution, they truly are the best! I will be using them again in the future for sure. – Kayleigh Pereira

They’re the most responsive and competent realtors you will find. They work for you, not just for a sale. Their team will have you out of your home and into your dream home with unexpected ease. – Jeffery Caminero

Chris and Michelle helped us find the perfect home to start building our family. They worked tirelessly with us to find a home we could really make our own and that would grow with us. Highly recommend their team! – Courtney Michelle Ryan

The most amazing people in the business!!! We can’t say enough about their dedication, compassion, and motivation. They are invested in making each and every client’s experience the most seamless transition it can be. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer, or a real estate buying/selling veteran, they are the ones you should call! – Christine C El Bee

Chris & Michelle were amazing in helping us buy our home! They helped us find the perfect home! They are very knowledgeable about many things and always had an answer to my questions, and I had many. 🙂 I highly recommend them in selling or buying a home. Thank you very much, Chris & Michelle!!!! – zuser20140917110953118
Not only was it great working with you, but we LOVED that we had the same names =) Thanks for trusting in us to get you there!

Chris and Michelle helped me find my first home. They listened to what I wanted and answered every question I had about the process before I decided I was ready to jump in and buy a home. Once I was ready they helped me find all the homes I qualified for and decide which ones I wanted to take a look at that fit my needs. They were patient with me and answered all my questions about the homes I was interested in. I never felt rushed to decide or felt like I wasn’t getting enough info to be able to make a decision (I like to be thorough!). Once I choose my home they helped me ask all the right question about the property so I could make sure it really was the right one for me! They made the home buying processes quick and painless! – user9679298
Thank you Megan! Chris & I love to help first time home buyers. It was great helping you to narrow down your options & tune in to exactly what you wanted for this great 1st house. Thank you for letting us help!

We were so very happy with Chris and Michelle. They are extremely professional and really nice people too! They worked using the latest technology to get our home sold for the asking price in a short amount of time. We will always recommend their team to all of our friends and family. Thank you for a job well done. – pdunk123
Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity! We specialize in selling homes that were previously listed by another agent but did not sell. I’m very glad our aggressive marketing worked for you. Thanks for the kind words

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