Build Home Equity through Home Security

Build Home Equity through Home Security presented by Almost Home Real Estate

Home security has taken center stage as a result of the chaos of 2020. In addition to COVID-19 already causing a great deal of stress, the last thing you want to worry about is whether your home is secure. A safe entrance not only keeps intruders out, but also allows homeowners to screen visitors without opening the door.

Home Security the “Smart Way”

Smart devices and reinforced doors and windows will also be viewed as attractive to buyers, as updates and improvements can boost your home appraisal value should you decide to sell your home later.

Keep in mind that intruders don’t always enter through the front door.

Ensure every entry door features a deadbolt and all window locks are fully functional. If your windows are dated and you’re not planning a replacement before selling, add aftermarket window locks or window sensors for extra security.

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New Technology makes it Easy

Rather than buying a complicated and costly home intercom system, you can install an inexpensive video doorbell, like the Nest Hello. Pair your video doorbell with motion-activated front door lighting so you can see who is at the door no matter the time of day.

Below, you will find more information that can help you improve the security of your home’s entrance.

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With the help of these resources and ideas, you can easily strengthen the security of your home’s entrance. A safer home not only brings peace of mind to its occupants, but can also mean greater resale potential.

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Shirley turned her neat freak personality into a business when she became a home organizer. When she isn’t busy working her magic on homes in need of her special touch, she is sharing helpful tips on her site, Tidy Life Today.

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