11 Tips to Your Best Home Showing


11 Tips to Your Best Home Showing

Be Ready for your next home showing.

It’s the difference in getting an offer or not. Complete as many of these as you can and raise the perceived value your buyer will see in your home. As a result, higher offers and potentially more money in your pocket.

1. Declutter

The number one rule on everyone’s list. If they can’t see past your “stuff”, they’ll never envision there’s. Pack away the extras.

You are moving, ? The counters should be clear. Put your day-to-day stuff away. You still live there and we understand.

Here’s a handy trick. Have a clear tote for the last minute tidying of those day-to-day items. Throw it in the back of your car as you head out the door.

2. Light and Bright Sells

Open those window treatments and clean those windows to show off your view. Turn on the lamps with the “not-so-obvious” switches and make sure all your light bulbs work.

3. Keep it Clean

It goes without saying that cleanliness also sells homes. As a result, it also leads to a positive perception of the overall condition and maintenance of the home. A clean home is a well- kept home.

Home Showing Prep: Ask us how

4. Temperature

A buyer who’s comfortable in your home, will stay longer, and fall in love with it more. If it’s chilly out, turn up the temp to take the chill out of the air. The humid days could benefit from a little extra A/C.

The rest of the days, open up your windows and sliders. Let that gentle breeze through and show off that outdoor-indoor feel of your Lanai.

5. Smells

Aside from the deep clean to get your house on the market. Smells sometimes happen, whether it’s the active kids, dinner that went a little sideways the night before or something caught in the garbage disposal. Here are a couple of quick-fix tips.

Lemons in the garbage disposal with a few ice cubes eliminate most issues in a garbage disposal.

Change the air with a few drops of vanilla on aluminum foil in the oven at 200 degrees will waft a fragrant baking smell without coming across as a candle coverup.

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Active kids, baking soda in the carpet, more frequent laundry and opening the windows will help. Get them involved and reward them when it’s all over. After all, a better showing can mean more money in your pocket.

6. Fix the obvious

If you’re not handy, hire a handyman for an hour or two. Every house has obvious distractions that no buyer wants to think about when they walk through your home showing.

Fix the nail holes from the pictures you took down. The squeaky garage door. The loose door handle. The light fixture too high to dust regularly and even the dripping faucet.

7. Curb Appeal

Now is the time to tighten up your regular schedule of outdoor chores. Make sure these are kept up at all times, besides the initial curb appeal tactics needed to list your home.

Mowing the lawn. Edging the walkways and driveway. Prune the bushes and maintain the fresh flowers you planted for your listing photos.

8. Kitchens

Kitchens sell homes. Maximize the impact of yours. Stage a few items to set the tone. If it’s small, make sure the counters are clear, showing off as much prep space as possible, with minimal decor.

If you’re kitchen’s made for entertaining, have a little fun with it. You still want to show off all the cooking prep space, but add some decor to set the mood for entertaining. Add a few wine glasses with bottle and opener.

9. Bathtime

Bathrooms are just as crucial to the sale of a home.
A small investment in decor to unify the feeling throughout your home will go a long way, and you get to take it with you!

Here is another place that a small empty tote comes in handy. You need to live in your home, but for showings, place all your personal items in this tote quickly and put it under your bed before you run out the door.

The better the showing goes, the quicker the offers and the less you’ll have to do this because your house WILL SELL.

10. Go for a walk.

Just as it would be awkward to look at your next home showing with the sellers looking over your shoulder, they won’t be comfortable either.

If it doesn’t feel like home, they’ll just move onto the next one. All of your time and efforts will be completely undone by this one.

11. Take the Pets with you.

Pet allergies are on the rise. Some buyers won’t even enter a home that has cats or dogs. Since your house is super clean 😉 from your listing prep, don’t let this one tip the scales.

The buyer wants your house, and your pets are not part of the deal. If the weather prevents a walk, call on your neighbor and stop by for a coffee.

In Summary

Your potential buyer wants that “hotel suite” experience. The feeling you get when you enter a nice hotel for vacation. It may not be decorated the way they would have, but it matches the vibe of the architecture. It’s impeccably clean. As you enter your suite, you’re relaxed and looking to see where can you put your feet up. If you can recreate this with your house, your next showing will win them over!

We offer free walk-thru’s to customize your pre-list to-dos before entering the market. Our consultations are obligation free. We want to discuss the feasibility of selling your home and meeting your goals, whether it’s financial outcomes or timeliness to get into your next. We’re Marketing Professionals Selling Real Estate. We’re not like the others…

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