My House is Not Selling? 7 Easy Fixes (PDF)

House is Not Selling - Tips to help

Your house is not selling, and you don’t know what to do. Here are a few ideas to help get you SOLD.

These 7 easy fixes will make homebuyers reconsider your home and see the value. The goal is to make your home as attractive to as many buyers as possible so don’t take it personally.

1. Start with the Basics

You’ve heard it plenty of times, but so many sellers hesitate. If you really want to sell your home this should be easy. You intend to move anyway, so let’s get started. Declutter, declutter, declutter. That includes family photos and your kids’ artwork. Have your home professionally cleaned. Repair any obvious defects. If repairs are obvious to a buyer walking through then they start to wonder how well you care for your home in general. That turns into what are the not-so-obvious repairs that will need to be done, instead of thinking where their furniture should go. Distractions never help sell your home.

2. Stand in your Doorway

When you look at a room, you need to be thinking, what is the MAIN function of the room. Any furniture in the room should reflect it. This includes arranging it around a focal point. Too much furniture is just as bad as the wrong furniture. Many times furniture can be repurposed for other rooms to make them better. You need to concentrate on selling your house one room at a time.

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3. Color

Color plays an important role, but don’t get carried away. The right color combinations will make rooms look larger, warm and cozy, or relaxing, setting the tone for a potential homebuyer.

4. Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is the buyers’ first impression. What does your curb appeal say about you? New mulch, planting bright-colored flowers and painting your front door can make your home grab attention.

These tips are essential if your house is not selling.

Download the free PDF below with the highlights of this list and get started today. Need professional help? We’re here for you.

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5. New Photos

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS are a must! 92% of homebuyers start their home search online. Your photos need to be magazine-worthy. Architectural photography requires special equipment to best showcase your home. No exceptions.

Pros with pro gear, not cell phones. Regardless of the price point, you want homebuyers to say, “I NEED to see your house.” They want to be able to show it off to their friends and family. You know they’ll ask others… “so out of these three, which one do you like?” Social acceptance helps their pride and confirmation that they made the right choice. It’s not the sole deciding factor, but they want to show it off. It is a major purchase and you need them to feel excited!

Hand in hand with this is staging. Even basics like setting the table, centerpieces, and flowers in the bathroom vanities can completely change the feel of a home and your photos. Flip through a home magazine that showcases homes similar to yours for simple ideas. Some homes need much more than this, but get your basics in order first.

6. Refresh Your Property Description

Read your description to a coworker or someone who hasn’t been to your house. Have them close their eyes while you read it and then ask them to describe back to you how they see your house. Are they excited and smiling about what they hear or does it sound like every other home for sale? Help the buyers visualize the best features of your home. If they don’t get the “warm fuzzies’ about buying your house, they’ll just keep looking.

7. Reconsider Your Price

Ask your Realtor for a traffic report on your property’s website, the MLS listing, video ad traffic, digital posts, and marketing ads. Is the Marketing Plan catching a lot of looks, but no one is requesting a tour of your home? That’s your sign you need to adjust your price.

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Put yourself in the homebuyers shoes, be honest with yourself, if I’m looking at my listing online with other homes in the same price range, does it stand out as one of top 5 homes for the asking price. If your answer is no… why would anyone schedule a tour? On the other hand, If your marketing isn’t grabbing attention, then I think you need to talk to your Realtor about what they plan on doing to fix that.

The first day your listing goes “live” you want your best foot forward if you plan on selling your home at it’s highest value in the shortest amount of time.

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In Summary

Homes sell every day, regardless of the market conditions. If your home is not selling take the steps to rule out the basics. A few missteps can cost you time on the market and will DEFINITELY affect your selling price. The selection of a professional Realtor who will customize their marketing for your home is also crucial to accomplishing your goal. If they can’t communicate it to you, how will they be able to sell it to a buyer?

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