It’s not a House, It’s a HOME.

It's not a House, It's a HOME

Home is defined as one’s place of residence. Wow! Thanks, Merriam-Webster dictionary. That definitely doesn’t sound like warm fuzzies.

Is that “The American Dream” you’re chasing?

We continually post about wealth building strategies, seizing the market conditions, and ways to make it happen. Where there’s a will there’s a way, right.

However, WHY do YOU want a home?

Everyone you ask will have their own reason, shaped by their world view and past experiences. There’s no perfect mold for everyone. Hence, what keeps us so busy. It’s all about being a matchmaker.

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The ideal home will vary.

Home can mean different things to different people from the concept and feeling alone, nevermind the size and shape. We buy a home for emotional reasons before the financial.

Think of the last time you walked through an unfamiliar house. The scent of dinner on the stove hits you in the face as you swing open the grand oak doors to the foyer.

You survey the living room to see an overstuffed chair by the fireplace. It’s just waiting for you and your favorite rom-com novel while the fire takes the chill out of the air, like a big warm hug.

Sorry, flashbacks to so many years in New England. Now it’s the cozy hammock by the pool with a margarita in hand. Oh, and a book too!

Margarita by the pool. Almost HOME in Florida.
Margarita by the pool. Almost HOME in Florida.

Let me paint this picture, investment properties aside. We go and take a look at 6 houses. All the houses are within your price range, great location, and checking off all the boxes for “must-haves”. The prices for these 6 fluctuate within a range of $10-15k of each other.

Guess which one you chose? It’s not necessarily the cheapest.

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Get a little stability in your life.

Your relationships with your spouse and families are one thing. I’m referring to what we can actually help you with. The details running through your head about the best neighborhoods, school districts, amenities and commuting time.

Where can I meet my friends for an evening out?

What entertainment is in the area?

Does this location match my lifestyle? Can I walk/bike/drive everywhere I want to go quickly?

Do you prefer a home to have more space between them for privacy? A home away from the traffic and urban noise.

It's not home without a good coffee shop nearby.
It’s not home without a good coffee shop nearby.

Where’s Starbucks for the ride to work?

For the young adult readers, imagine the feeling of finally moving out for the first time. You can’t wait to explore the brave new world on your own. You can finally breathe. Do your thing.

For the adults in the audience, who have forgotten that feeling you once had. Think of how it would feel to move back in with your parents? I’ll bet your anxiety just spiked at the thought of it. You appreciate the freedom to make your own choices.

That’s why we’re here. We stress over the details so you don’t have to. Let’s get the anxiety of living under someone else’s roof to melt away.

Sometimes the peace of mind alone is enough.

There’s no place like home.

You’ve heard this saying before, but until you own one, you can’t understand it completely. That feeling of safety and security. That comfortable place that allows you to relax or entertain after a long day!

It’s that feeling that I’m filling out the last change of address forms for a long time.

I can start exploring all the nooks and crannies of the neighborhood because I’m going to be here for a while and I’m taking pride in MY neighborhood.

Not to mention meeting the neighbors who already beat you to it. They uncovered the magic of HOME before you did. See you have something in common with them already.

They want a great neighbor, just as much as you do. Respect their privacy, but take the first step and say hi.

Give everyone some space.

You know how important it can be. The space for you and your family to call your own. The quest for a dream home has to consider if your family is expanding, a pet needing room to run, or an elder in need of care coming to stay with you.

Every house is unique. Recognize your immediate and near-future needs to make the best choice.

Sometimes you don’t know, what you don’t know. Always keep in mind to be thinking of the resale value. Heaven forbid, job relocation, or worse…

Don’t forget the not so obvious. The outdoor living area should also be of strong consideration. It can be an easy addon to the fact once you decide how you’ll be using it. There are plenty of options regardless of the property, covered or uncovered.

You’re a control freak, aren’t you?

My HOME, My Way!
My HOME, My Way!

Make it your own. It’s all about the control, and isn’t it always? The gears between your ears are spinning… I can see it now.

Wait a minute… I can paint my front door? (Always highly recommended) 😉

Remove the pony wall as you enter, so your house can flow and not box you in? Too much open concept? You can always choose area rugs to designate individual spaces.

You have control over renovations, updates, and style!

If you’re handy or not, Pinterest can be your best friend. The DIY’er use it to guide them through their wishlist.

If you need a pro to execute your plans, your inspiration boards can help convey the feeling, features, and layouts you’ve collected.

Looking to actually try one of those complicated wall treatments that you saw? Tired of paying an additional pet deposit? Or being held back from adopting that puppy you’ve seen online 100 times?

Who’s to say that you can’t do all of these things in your own home?

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a buyer moving up to the bigger and better, now is a great time to reflect on these intangible factors that make a house a home.

We’re here, either way, to guide you through the process. Don’t go it alone. We stress over the details, so you don’t have to.

Leave a comment below… What are you most looking forward to in your next house?

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