Top 10 Quick Fixes to Organize and Spruce Up Your Bathroom Before You List

Top 10 Quick Fixes to Organize and Spruce Up Your Bathroom Before You List

Top 10 Quick Fixes to Organize and Spruce Up Your Bathroom Before You List

Are you getting ready to place your home on the market? Are you feeling anxious about the condition of your bathroom? There is no need to sweat the bathroom remodeling job you dreamed about. There are many small fixes you can do to convince a potential home buyer.

No matter which fun bathroom projects you decide on, make certain you handle the necessary caulking, grouting, cleaning, and painting. It is always best to have a spotless canvas before you decorate or organize.

Following is a list of quick and affordable things you can do to organize a bathroom effectively.

1. Transfer all visible lotions, soaps, and shampoos into uniform pump dispensers.

Uniform pump | Harra Home
Uniform pump | Harra Home

2. Add an etagere or slim-profile wall-hung shelving to capture the dead space commonly found above the toilet. Arrange uniform baskets or opaque containers on these organizers for a tidy look. Hair-care, toiletries, and oral-care items are some of the smart things to hide in these containers.

Bathroom Etargere | Etsy
Etargere | Etsy

3. Hotel-style towel racks have multiple compartments for holding several linens.

Hotel-style towel racks| YouRemodel
Hotel-style towel racks| YouRemodel

4. Double shower curtain rods

Two is better that one when it comes to shower rods. One rod holds the shower curtain and the other rod doubles as a holder. Suspend towels and pocketed organizers for holding shavers, loofahs, and other supplies.

Bathroom Double shower curtain rods | Signature Hardware
Double shower curtain rods | Signature Hardware

Take a step back and assess your work, be honest

5. Storage mirror or slim profile wall cabinet.

There are many types of shallow wall cabinets in the marketplace, making it easy to find one that matches the decor of your bathroom. These cabinets are perfect for storing many articles ranging from over-the-counter medications to hair-care supplies.

Storage mirror | West Elm
Storage mirror | West Elm
Slim profile wall cabinet | Ikea
Slim profile wall cabinet | Ikea

6. Over the tank tissue holder.

A toilet paper holder designed to hook onto the rim of the toilet tank scores high points for convenience and frees floor or cabinet space.

Bathroom Over the tank tissue holder | Wayfair
Over the tank tissue holder | Bed Bath & Beyond

7. Handled caddy organizer.

A storage caddy can contain all the clutter that commonly forms on any available flat surface in the bathroom. These transportable organizers can be tucked away in closets and under the sink. Create specialized kits for each caddy and label them accordingly. Diaper, cleaning, bath, and first-aid supplies are some examples.

Bathroom Handled caddy organizer | Amazon
Handled caddy organizer | Amazon

8. Over-the-door shelf.

A sturdy shelf mounted over the bathroom doorway is a great place to store excess bathroom items such as rolls of toilet paper and off-season linens.

Over-the-door shelf | Amazon
Over-the-door shelf | Amazon

9. Cabidor behind-the-door storage cabinet captures underutilized space.

Simply mount the storage cabinet behind any standard door using the existing hinge pins. The shelves are adjustable for optimal space efficiency.

Cabidor behind-the-door | Cabidoor
Cabidor behind-the-door | Cabidoor

10. Four-bar hanging valet.

Valet organizers designed for the door are installed by simply pulling out the door hinges and inserting an organizer in their place. These organizers are designed to fan along the path of the door.

Bathroom Four-bar hanging valet | Amazon
Four-bar hanging valet | Amazon

Have a vision

Many people lack the vision to see the storage potential in most bathrooms, especially a small one. All the bathroom storage solutions mentioned above are affordable. Make a wise decision to use them when your bathroom has disorganization or storage limitations. Make it count and capitalize on showcasing your real estate.

Caralyn Kempner | Organizing Interiors
Top 10 Quick Fixes to Organize & Spruce Up Your Bathroom Before You List
Caralyn Kempner | Organizing Interiors

This guest post is written by Caralyn Kempner, owner of Organizing Interiors, a professional home organizing company located in the Chicagoland area. She shares her passion and knowledge of home organizing in her recently released book, Top-To-Bottom Home Organizing. Her website is

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