Benefits of a Vacation Rental while waiting for your DREAM Home

Benefits of a Vacation Rental while waiting for your DREAM Home with Almost Home Real Estate Services

A vacation rental is often overlooked as a short term rental solution while awaiting the build of your dream home. Read on to see how our friends at Sea Star Vacation Rentals have just the solution.

You have finally chosen the perfect spot to build your dream home, you have the floor plan exactly as you envisioned, the design you have had in your mind for years is now in the hands of the builder.

You put your current home on the market and it sold faster than you expected. Construction still estimates another 1-2 months until your forever home is complete.

A vacation rental home may be exactly what you are looking for to pass the time in comfort and privacy.~Jennifer Bergmann | Sea Star Vacation Rentals Click To Tweet

Now where will you stay while you are waiting? A long term house rental is not feasible, you don’t want to burden your relatives for a long stretch of time and hotels don’t provide the space you need.

Benefits to staying at a vacation rental while waiting for your own home.

A vacation rental home may be exactly what you are looking for to pass the time in comfort and privacy.

  1. Extra Space: There is no doubt having the extra space in a single family home or condo keeps your family members happy and content. You cannot get the same type of privacy in a hotel setting. In most cases you will also have room enough to bring boxes, suitcases and personal items you just aren’t comfortable keeping in a storage unit.
  2. Comforts of home: Vacation rentals offer all the comforts of home…and possibly even more. You have multiple bedrooms, private bathrooms, comfortable living space equipped with TVs and Wifi and in many instances (especially in SWFL) a pool and spa.  
  3. Save Money: The average cost per week is usually lower for vacation homes than hotels. You do not have the commitment of high priced yearly contracts and non refundable deposits like you would a long term rental. Another factor not usually considered in this category is food. Eating out at restaurants can be so expensive. Having a fully stocked kitchen with utensils, dinnerware and appliances can help save money on the costs of dining out. You don’t get this cost effective option when staying at hotels.
  4. Community: Choose a vacation home in the area close to where you are building. Take walks or ride bicycles (many vacation homes have bikes available to you). Join local groups and participate in area events. It’s a great way to get to know your neighborhood.
  5. Security: Since the Covid pandemic living in shared spaces, such as hotels, can pose a health risk. No need to share eating space, laundry facilities or pools with strangers. Having your own private vacation property gives you security and peace of mind.

We’re grateful to our Guest Author – Jennifer Bergmann

Sea Star Property Management, LLC offers Fort Myers and Cape Coral vacation home rentals. Sea Star Property Management team has more than 20 years of experience in the Southwest Florida vacation rental market. We understand the importance of finding the right property management company so that your vacation/second homeownership is the rewarding and enjoyable experience that you expect and deserve.

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