Top 3 Most Practical Housewarming Gifts

Top 3 Most Practical Housewarming Gifts

Giving housewarming gifts should be fun. But sometimes knowing what will really wow your friends and family can be a bit confusing. After all, we all want the gifts we give to be perfect.

Most importantly, no one ever wants to have their presents be regifted — that’s the worst!

Consider these housewarming gift tips to find a gift they’ll be stoked to get.

If you’re looking to give new homeowners the perfect gift, you’re in luck.

There’s plenty of things they could probably use right now. There are also plenty of things they don’t even know they need or want.

1. The Practical Gift

We’ll get to the fun ideas soon, but first, let’s talk about things your friends can use every single day.

For example, if their new home is short on garage space but they own motorcycles, top-rated motorcycle covers could be perfect. These will protect their steel horses from being damaged by unpredictable weather and routine airborne debris, which hobbyists will surely appreciate.

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A great housewarming gift for every new homeowner is an all-in-one toolkit. These kits will please anyone, especially since you can find kits for so many different purposes. You can even pick up a kit for car lovers. Just tie a ribbon on one and you’re set.

2. The Thoughtful Gift

You may prefer to pick a present that has a little more sentiment behind it.

If so, one idea is to put together a gift basket of some of your friends’ most favorite things or your own local favorites.

Want a thoughtful gift box that keeps on giving? Look into subscriptions! People are really into subscription boxes these days, so you can find boxes that suit just about any interest.

For friends that like to keep things spicy, $69 will get them a three-month subscription to the Hot Sauce of the Month Club, for example.

You could also pick up a wine club gift card, which anyone would love.

3. A Little Tech Gift

Will your friends be running a business out of their new home? Tech gifts will be appreciated — or anything that helps them get their home workspace in order. Check out these tips to get an idea of what they’re dealing with.

You can also look into some of the latest tech available for remote work setups, like a good pair of noise-canceling headphones.

Smart home gadgets are also always fun to get and give. Here are some of the best smart home devices and their prices, according to New York Magazine:

  • Amazon Echo – $70
  • Facebook Portal – $179
  • Nest Thermostat – $200

When in Doubt, Buy a Gift Card. Some people can be tough to buy for. This is why gift cards were invented.

If you can’t decide between practical, thoughtful, or fun, give your friends the freedom to choose for themselves. Amazon, Target, Etsy, and The Home Depot are among the most in-demand stores for gift card purchases, and each one offers plenty of items for the home.

Another bonus to buying gift cards is that most retailers also offer digital gift cards.

Top picks include Starbucks and Netflix. These are perfect options when you need a last-minute gift for friends and family. They won’t have to worry about keeping up with one more piece of plastic, which is a big bonus if they’re still unpacking and getting settled into a new place.

Housewarming Summary

Gifts are meant to bring joy, for the giver and receiver alike, so don’t let buying gifts for new homeowners cause you stress. Pick something practical (like motorcycle covers) or something fun (like a smart home hub).

You can even put together a thoughtful gift basket. If worse comes to worst, gift cards are always welcome. Most importantly, try to remember that it’s the thought that counts!

Written by Guest Author: Shirley Martin

Shirley turned her neat freak personality into a business when she became a home organizer. When she isn’t busy working her magic on homes in need of her special touch, she is sharing helpful tips on her site, Tidy Life Today.

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