Sell Your House Fast with these Savvy Tips and Resources

Sell Your House Fast With These Savvy Tips

Who can’t use a few savvy tips? Your home is a big investment, and if the time has come for you to move, the last thing you want to do is have it lingering on the market. To get your property sold quickly, these savvy tips and resources will do the trick.

Show Me the Money

Getting a clear focus on your financial picture will help you determine what exactly a good offer looks like, as well as what you can afford to do to attract buyers. With that in mind, dive into the money issues first.

  • An appraisal puts a market value on your home; get a feel for the costs and rules.
  • Know what appraisers consider when they look at your home and what you might want to improve.
  • Create a realistic budget for whatever upgrades and renovations you can afford.
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Determine Your To-Do List

Where are the trouble spots in your home? Decide what areas require the most improvement, and hone in on making that happen.

  • Renovations that might require a professional are things like new flooring, custom cabinets, and installing tile.
  • Don’t overlook valuable DIY projects such as cleaning your siding and updating window coverings.
  • And spruce up your curb appeal to make a great first impression.

The Bare Basics

There are a handful of things that every home seller should accomplish that help with the sale—and they cost you nothing out of pocket.

Savvy Tips Summary

Is it time to get your home listed for sale? Ensure it doesn’t linger on the market by putting these savvy tips to work for you!

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Written by Guest Author: Suzie Wilson

My mission with Happier Home is to offer you insight into how to turn your home into a sanctuary that you’ll not only be happy to come home to, but will actually make you feel better when you’re there. As I’ve always said, “There’s no place like a Happier Home!” If you think there is room for improvement — I’m here to help!

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