8 Ways to Attract MORE Buyers

How to attract more buyers in Cape Coral

8 Ways to Attract MORE Buyers

You’re trying to attract more buyers and they want a home offering the best deal for their dollar. The journey starts online. You need cutting edge marketing. You need to grab their attention and not let go.

Moving, nevermind buying, can be a stressful proposition. The buyer will have a lot on their mind, the commute, the school district, the amenities, and getting the financials in order. This needs to be an easy decision for them. The best marketing in the world can be limited or amplified by these 8.

How to Attract MORE Buyers

Max Curb Appeal

Step into the buyer’s shoes. Look at your home from across the street.

Is your house number visible and attractive? (They need to be able to find your house!)
You want them to find YOUR house. Where is your attention drawn to?

If it’s that pop of color from the fresh flowers you planted, great! Not so great if it’s the faded window shutters or the color of your entryway door. Does your home look welcoming? How about when you pull in the driveway? Is there a clear walkway to enter the home, or do you need to side-step the overgrown bushes? Unruly landscaping makes buyers think its too difficult to maintain.

Be brutally honest with yourself. Have you lived in your home so long that you’re seeing past these? Take a picture and ask a few friends to give you their honest opinion.

Does your roof need to be cleaned?
The mulch beds freshened up?
The bushes trimmed?
Can your House be on the next cover of “Coffee Table Magazine?”

The answers to these questions might be a little elbow grease and a few bucks or hire it out. This is money VERY well spent.

As much as it starts with hooking a new buyer with online marketing, you can lose them just as fast if they’re disappointed when they drive up. Try to maintain the excitement of why they scheduled a showing in the first place.

You want to get them in the door already in love with the house. That’s when the warm fuzzy feelings take over and it feels like home to them.

Kitchen and Bathrooms Sell Homes

Not to sound like a broken record, I know you’ve heard it before, but these will make or break a deal. If it needs to be updated, I’m not saying invest the money, but price the house accordingly.

Why would a buyer pay $450,000 for your home that needs a completely new kitchen and bathroom when the house a mile down the road is $455,000 and it’s completely done?

There are the circumstances that making upgrades are justifiable, but when it comes to kitchen and bathrooms, you should really be having an expert run those numbers. “Here’s the current market price, in it’s current condition… and here’s the price if you upgrade the kitchen….or bathroom…”

The house with the upgraded kitchen will automatically have more sellability because a new buyer may not have the funds to invest in a new kitchen even if the house is priced right.

If you can upgrade the kitchen for the difference of the as-is versus the upgrade, then it makes sense. Once again, let the experts help guide that decision. You want to keep the most money in your pocket when the dust settles, don’t you?

Regardless of the upgrades, these two rooms need to be sparkling clean. Buyers will judge how you maintain the home simply based on the cleanliness of the kitchen and bathrooms. These are also the rooms that a little staging decor goes a long way.

Enhance the Colors

Paint is inexpensive. You’re preparing your house for max buyer appeal, so your colors should flow with the style of house and if not, at least be neutral.

Yes, it’s easy to say the new buyers may want to paint it “their own color”, and you’re correct. However, they don’t want to do it the day they move in. Fix the “funky” colors before listing.

Clean can also go a long way. The walls may just need a good washing to look fresh again.

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Most of all consider your front door. There’s a whole color theory behind the color of your home and your door. There are even new paints designed for doors that are fast drying and super durable. By painting the door you can change the whole experience for a buyer.

Front Door Color makes a difference
Front Door Color makes a difference

Maximize Architectural style of the House

Try not to mix styles when it comes to the details. Just like you wouldn’t put modern furniture in a rustic barn style home. (Even though the furniture is not part of the sale.) It leaves the Buyer uneasy trying to imagine their own style in your house. Now is not the time for your eclectic style to shine through, you’re trying to attract as many buyers as possible, so don’t take it personally.

This point is more relevant if you’re planning on staying in your home a bit longer in the midst of making improvements. Make sure the overall design is cohesive throughout your home. You’ll most likely sell at some point, so spend your money wisely from the start.

Refresh Flooring

Start with a deep cleaning. Rent the equipment or even call the professional cleaners to see if they have a viable option. Hardwood refinishing can be costly, messy, and time-consuming, so consider screening instead. This entails a light sanding—not a full stripping of color or polyurethane—then a coat of finish.

Organize Closets

Organizing closets is a skill all it’s own. This will lend to the sellability. Do you have seasonal items or storage items stuffed in your closets? Always keep in mind, you’re moving anyway. Pack it up and get it out beforehand and you’ll be helping yourself in the long run.

Remove anything you don’t need or haven’t worn in a while. Closets should only be half-full so buyers can visualize fitting their stuff in.

Light and Bright Sells

A buyer needs to see the space. The goal is minimal shadows, maximize views. Add floor lamps if necessary. While not all sides of homes have noteworthy views, buyers want light, not dated, heavy drapes. To diffuse light and add privacy, consider energy-efficient shades and blinds.

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Are you concerned with the mechanical or structural condition? Pre-Inspect, do a preemptive strike to find problems before you sell your home. Some issues you may fix, others might be for the new buyers.

It’s all about the overall positioning of your home to the current market. If you make repairs, you can show receipts to buyers, demonstrating your detailed care for their future home. The repairs may also qualify for a tax deduction, as it was a cost needed to sell your home.

In Conclusion

If you’re trying to attract more buyers, you don’t have to do ALL of these, but the more you do, the better the outcome. There is a balance when it comes to the return on investment. There is also a balance of saleability for your particular market.

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We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a detailed game plan to attract the most buyers with a smart to do list backed by the facts, and backed by our performance guarantee. Schedule an appointment today so you know your options.

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