How the Housing Market is Impacted by Natural Disasters

Housing Market impact from Natural Disasters in Cape Coral

How the Housing Market is Impacted by Natural Disasters

Natural disasters impact the housing market. Hence, affecting your home value. As prices have appreciated, it’s important to make sure that you have the proper coverage for your home. Know your home value!

The housing market is impacted by natural disasters for more than just the obvious reasons. Call it global warming, or a fluke. Regardless of where you stand, you may soon be up to your knees in flood waters. That’s when it becomes REAL!

Whether it’s a hurricane, wildfire, or earthquake, A period of recovery may affect home prices for a time.

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Your home may have appreciated at a higher rate than your policy automatically accounts for. Need help determining the value of your home? Let’s meet up to go over it together!

Natural Disaster Impact

What are the housing market side effects? Have you considered the impact the natural disaster could have on your neighborhood or community?

We appreciate you taking the time to read this blog post, but spread the word. What if your neighbor hasn’t accounted for home appreciation in their coverage? This can affect you indirectly as well.

How about family and friends? If they can’t rebuild after a natural disaster, human safety aside, that can affect your neighborhood value, community impact, and potentially property taxes.

It can bring up painful memories of the past, with the rash of natural disasters that occur across the country. However, I think it’s necessary to bring it front and center. Call it the boy-scout in me talking, from back-in-the-day.

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